Laurie is highly professional, well organized, and generous in spirit. As an editor, proofreader and translator, her expertise is indisputable and her work is of the highest quality. She delivers above and beyond her commitment while always meeting her deadlines and remaining congenial to her clients, even under pressure. I recommend Laurie to anyone dealing with the written word in any context, for print or web media.

Hanna Kebbede, Principal 

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“Good editing is invisible.”

If their are errrors allover your documents/manuscript/website, chances are, your readers will notice them. It’s the first impression you make — and it could cost you.*

From non-fiction and business texts to technical manuals, ad copy and website content, I correct and polish your writing so that it’s clear, accurate and even elegant.

Services I provide:

► Online Proofreading, Copyediting (sometimes known as content editing) and Editing

I correct your text’s grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and spacing. I ensure its internal consistency, conform everything to your ‘house’ style or to one of the standard guides and I pay special attention to the structure and flow of the writing in general, keeping in mind your intended audience.

I also point out awkward phrasing, suggest alternative wordings and propose ideas for improving the document’s overall readability and appearance.

Using the Track Changes feature (comment/markup tools) in MS Word and custom proofreading stamps in Adobe Acrobat, I edit onscreen and save my changes. Then I send you a clean copy (with all of the changes accepted) and a Tracked Changes copy, so that you can easily read the document. You can evaluate my corrections and choose which ones you want to accept in the final document. (I can also send you a page I created about Track Changes, in case you’ve never used it/seen it before.)

► Hardcopy Proofreading, Copyediting and Editing

Although most people now use the internet for sending and receiving documents, you might prefer seeing handwritten changes on your hardcopy document. I can do that using standard proofreader’s marks.

► (Creative) Solutions for Non-native English Writing/Localization: Rewording and Rephrasing

Many non-native English speakers encounter difficulties when writing in English. I specialize in ESL editing and can correct your writing so that it is error-free and clearly communicates your ideas in the tone appropriate to the intended audience. I also localize English language texts from British, Canadian and Australian English to US English.

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* [Spelling mistakes ‘cost millions’ in lost online sales, 4 July 2011, BBC News education correspondent:

Studies show good grammar in real-estate listings = faster home sales
Here’s the link for a blogpost I guest-wrote about preparing your manuscript for an editor:
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