My clients have included: 

JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, The Mexico City Times, El Universal, Time, Inc., The Actor’s Fund Work Program, Daisy May Publishing Co., Gruner + Jahr USA Publishing, Nextgen Telco, PortaOne, Inc., onlyConnect LS, European Vox, Photography Collection LLC, Global Reporting, Hewitt, Hanmark LLC, Santillana USA, LID Editorial and numerous other organizations, agencies, small businesses and individuals.

Projects I have worked on include:

► Technical editing: telephony and utilities guidebooks, installation guides, website texts, company documentation, etc.;

► Editing and rewriting: ad copy for Blackberry, Siemens’s, Montblanc, BMW, Swarovski, international tourism sites, gallery and museum exhibits, etc.;

► Writing ad copy: for an Indian swami’s yoga course; 

► Translating and editing museum catalog texts for BARCA (Barcelona, Spain), IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte);  

► Translating and proofreading website copy for a Spanish olive oil manufacturer and bottler;

► Editing a book about Chinese women entrepreneurs; a selection of children’s books written in rhyming couplets; a biography about one of the richest businessmen in the world; a book about 21st century marketing ideas, a holiday book for businesspeople entitled The Beans of Wisdom [LID Editorial], etc.;

► Editing, proofreading, writing/rewriting and translation for a bilingual textbook series aimed at middle school students and teachers, including student and teacher guides, supporting website, video and audio materials;

► Editing EU position papers, final reports and project proposals;

► Copyediting a history of Hitler’s bunker; an historical novel about the coup d’état in Ethiopia; and

► Translating, writing and editing website and brochure copy for artists, photographers, designers, architects, galleries, museums, restaurants, translation agencies, commercial enterprises, etc.

Member, CE-L (Copyediting-L is a list for copy editors and other defenders of the English language.)

Disclaimer: I am a former member of the EFA but because of reasons only WordPress might understand, I cannot delete the graphic below.

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