If your work is already polished

and simply needs a final read-through I can offer you an excellent rate.

Special for bloggers 

For just $30.- I’ll copyedit your blogpost (up to 1,000 words, one single pass). Contact me if you’re interested in a long-term arrangement – I can offer you an excellent rate for that.

If your work requires more extensive proofreading/editing

the charge is naturally higher.

My fee is based on an hourly rate and a word count and goes up or down accordingly, depending on the level of editing and/or rewriting required and the turnaround time.

I can also charge by the project, the page or per 1000 characters (including spaces).

Since no two documents are alike and each job requires something different,  I need to see a sample first.

When you’re ready to contact me 

please send a 5-page sample of your work as a Word.doc attachment (your pages should be formatted like this *) for an estimated job quote. Please excerpt the pages from the middle of the document.  Be sure to include your name, company name, billing address, telephone number and detailed information about what you would like me to do.

We can also schedule a consultation on Skype at a time that’s convenient for both of us.

The best way to contact me is by email:

laurpricex AT g mail DOT com (written this way to avoid being spammed)

* 4 Basics to Prepare Your Manuscript for an Editor: http://writerswin.com/4-basics-to-prepare-your-manuscript-for-an-editor/

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