Selected recommendations

Laurie is incredibly helpful in editing my creative writing. Her ability to understand my intent, provide useful revisions, and explain the reasoning behind her edits not only made my writing better but made me a better writer. On top of that, her turnaround was fast, keeping me on schedule to meet my goals.
In a highly competitive job market I was able to secure a better position faster than expected and I have her to thank!
Michael Prince, Associate, Booth Hansen {Architecture | Interiors Planning}

Laurie edited my latest book “Beans of Wisdom” and did a sensational job on it. The great thing about her is she is just not about spelling, grammar, and syntax — attributes that one can get from any editor. Laurie is not afraid to speak her mind and call out the author when she feels that certain paragraphs and sentences do not make sense and can be improved upon. There were also several instances where she thought what I had written could be stated in a less offensive manner. I also liked that Laurie would state the editing styleguide resources she used when she challenged the way I had written certain words or phrases. I recommend Laurie unequivocally for any editing project and will absolutely use her for my future projects as well!                       
Joe Swinger, author and President, Wisdom Communications

I’ve known Laurie for almost two years and I’m fully satisfied with our cooperation. Being a non-native English speaking technical writer, I trust my documents to Laurie and I always know that she will return them with all ambiguities cleared up and that she will suggest the best English wording style. Neither a comma nor the slightest font mismatch will escape Laurie’s attention. Grammar, punctuation and writing style are always carefully corrected and the best variant suggested. She can review a deeply technical document and notice logical contradictions that need addressing (she will even offer rephrasing suggestions for captions on web interface screenshots so that they are expressed more clearly). What is unique about Laurie’s capabilities – she carefully preserves our corporate style and keeps our documentation consistent even if something is omitted by our company staff. I really appreciate her attentive and all-embracing approach.
Porta really needs your services as you are our best and I would say beloved editor and proofreader. We really love and appreciate your services.
Yaroslav Fedorina, Technical writer
PortaOne Billing and Softswitch Solutions

This is perfect. As before, your corrections are spot on and help to clarify what is on the page as well as what I am thinking! You’ve really shown me I need to tighten up my writing skills and pay more attention to wording. Thank you, Laurie. Your services are invaluable.
Molly Watson, Technical writer

Laurie is highly professional, well organized, and generous in spirit. As an editor, proofreader and translator her expertise is indisputable and her work is of the highest quality. She delivers above and beyond her commitment while always meeting her deadlines and remaining congenial to her clients, even under pressure. I recommend Laurie to anyone dealing with the written word in any context, for print or web media.
Hanna Kebbede, Principal
HanmarK Associates

Laurie Price worked for our company as a translator and proofreader on a freelance basis for more than 4 years. During this time her work was always of impeccable standard and always delivered by (or before) the deadline. Laurie is reliable, professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with. We continue to work with her and can highly recommend her services.
Kate Babb, onlyConnect LS

Project had a tight turnaround and parameters changed during the course of the project. Laurie was great accommodating client changes and delivering on time. Thank you!
Maria Fagrelius, Director of Translation Services
Language & Culture Worldwide

Pleasant communication, intelligent approach to the text, pragmatic and smart solutions, good queries, timely delivery, very happy client. Great cooperation — highly recommended! Always my favourite mails to send out: you’ve gotten us a very happy customer! (“We zijn weer erg tevreden met de aangeleverde correcties en vertalingen.”)
Susan van den Ende, Vertaalbureau Translation

It was a pleasure working with Laurie, the quality of her translations and proofreading work always met or surpassed my clients’ expectations. I highly recommend her for any job/work/task that demands a high attention to detail, punctuality, and reliability. I wish her all the best.
Ingeborg Djouad, FSD- Translations

I have required the services of Laurie Price as an editor this year for a large project. She has been extremely professional and reliable.
Alejo Espigares Tallón CopyTrust Translations

Our experience in collaborating with Laurie has been more than positive. Laurie is very professional and collaborative. It is obvious she dedicates all necessary efforts and time, making sure to deliver high quality work for every project. She is very proactive and ready to resolve any issues that might come up during the execution of a project. She is definitely a collaborator we will keep counting on in the future.
Elissavet Pantermali, COSMOS Specialized Translations, S.L.N.E.

Laurie is efficient and versatile!
Anne Smieszny, editor, Santillana USA Pub. Co.

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of the completed doc. It reads fabulously and we are all very pleased with it. So impressive is your work that I believe you may have a similar request to work on other texts regarding some additional services.
Katerina Goulos, Katcom Language Services

I’ve worked with this editor several times and will work with her again. She demonstrates a keen eye for details and errors and has clever editing solutions. Professional and polished. 
Tuomas Juntunen, Finomi Translation Services

Member, CE-L (Copyediting-L is a list for copy editors and other defenders of the English language.)

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